Sunday, November 18, 2007

1st MIB A Closer Look


The idea came out when the threats of destabilization was the major security concern in the nation’s capital, as an aftermath of the EDSA People Power II. This was also in view with the Light Armor Division’s (then still a Light Armor Brigade) thrust in providing better armor support and to facilitate exercise of effective command and control over its operational jurisdiction within National Capital Region. HLAD deemed it is much appropriate then that a mechanized unit be placed within NCR to provide better support specializing on military operations in urban terrain.

During this period, the division has three separate light armor companies stationed at Malacañang Park, AFP General Headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo and Headquarters Philippine Army in Fort Bonifacio. Each of these three companies are independent and perform functions distinct from another. 1st Light Armor Company in Malacañang supports the Presidential Security Group providing armor support and security to the President and the First Family. The 7th Light Armor Company provides armor support to GHQ, AFP that could be mobilized in times of crisis. The 4th Light Armor Company provides armor protection for HPA in Fort Bonifacio and at the same time act as the LAD’s liaison unit. Hence, during this time, the Joint Task Force “Libra” was created in NCR to preempt threats of destabilization has a hard time coordinating with three armor commanders regarding specific tasking which has somehow affected a centralized command. As such, the idea of integrating all the “Separate” armor units within NCR under one battalion come up, and thus the birth of 1st Mechanized Infantry Battalion.


The 1ST MECHANIZED INFANTRY BATTALION was activated pursuant to Paragraph 2, General Order# 193, HLABde dated 01 July 2003. Its mission is to conduct Mechanized Infantry Operation in support to the tactical units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines within National Capital Region. The battalion headquarters was stationed at PHILCAG Compound, Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila at the back of the CMO School. LTC ERNESTO C NANO CAV (GSC) PA was installed and earned the distinction as the unit’s first battalion commander. As such, the unit was placed OPCON to National Capital Region Command (NCRCOM) after the deactivation of Joint Task Force Libra.

Its three line companies were absorbed and was renamed in place. The three units were reorganized from Light Armor Companies (LAC) to a full Mechanized Infantry Companies. The 1st LAC was 11MIC, 7LAC as 12th Mechanized Infantry Company, and 4LAC as 14th Mechanized Infantry Company. To suit the requirements for a Mechanized unit, HLAD gradually filled-in the personnel and logistical requirements of the unit. In House Training for personnel on mechanized operations were regularly conducted in order to fully enhance the technical know how of the personnel for a more efficient, effective and respondent whenever the situation requires.

LTC ERNESTO C NANO, then the pioneer Commanding Officer took initiative in base development such as construction of personnel’s barracks and unit office. With him are the pioneer officer’s of the unit: LTC EDGAR L LABITORIA (CAV) PA as Executive Officer, 1LT GERARDO S BAHIA (CAV) PA as Adjutant, Admin Officer and Commandant, HHCo, MAJ FERDINAND B LACADIN (CAV) PA, as Intel and Operation Officer, CPT ARNOLD VINCENT O DY (CAV) PA as Logistic Officer and CMO Officer. At line Companies, CPT DENNIE MAR A CLEMENCIA (CAV) PA and 1LT SAMUEL C NADALA JR (CAV) PA as Commanding and Executive Officer of 11MIC respectively; CPT ALEX T ADUCA (CAV) PA and 1LT ROMMEL M PEREÑA (CAV) PA as Commanding and Executive Officer of 12MIC respectively and CPT EMIL REX C SANTOS (CAV) PA and 1LT GERRY E TUCAQUI (CAV) PA as Commanding and Executive Officer of 14MIC respectively.

On 01 February 2004, LTC DANIEL V MAMARIL CAV (GSC) PA took over the unit leadership. During his incumbency and despite unit involvement in addressing destabilization threats and CTM activities in the area, he continued to improve base development to include personnel operational readiness. He prioritized trainings as the best welfare he could give to his men. As such, on 16 April 2005, 1LT JEAN ALIA Y ROBLES (CAV) PA, became the First Female Officer assigned to the unit and designated as Bn CMO Officer.

On 01 October 2005, LTC EDGAR L LABITORIA CAV (GSC) PA was designated as the 3rd Commanding Officer. During his time, the unit played a vital role during the peaceful resolved of Marines Stand Off at Headquarters, Philippine Marines on February 2006. Then CPT GEORGE M MALONES (CAV) PA the Battalion Operations Officer of the unit, during that time was implicated on destabilization and further arrested and confined at Camp Capinpin Tanay, Rizal. LTC LABITORIA, among his priority was the operational readiness of all armored assets and personnel in order to perform effectively the mandated mission against destabilization and all national security threats. On 01 July 2007, LTC LOUIS B BINWAG JR CAV (GSC) PA assumed the unit leadership as the 4th Commanding Officer.

1st MIB prides itself to be the “FORCE MULTIPLIER” of NCRCOM with a combination of speed, mobility, fire power, force protection and shock effect. It plays a vital role in maintaining peace and stability with in the NCR. At present, the unit is employing various types of vehicle in its inventory to include: Simba Armored Fighting Vehicle, Simba AFV Bushmaster, Commando LAV-150 Stretched Turbo, Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Scorpion Tanks and Armored Recovery Vehicle.

Through the years, the unit has come colorful past and will always strive to do its noble and glorious task supporting the Light Armor Division to include the unit placed OPCON, mission and vision, which is professional, committed and modern armed forces today, the unit still continue the much needed armor division motto: When we are needed, we will be there to do the job the best we can. And true to this motto, the unit was a central factor to the government’s victory over destabilization and threat groups in the area.

Reckoning from its glorious past yet another years to come, 1st Mechanized Infantry (LAKAN) Battalion with Two Hundred Fifty Eight strong personnel will always be there, for country and people, hoping for the best and preparing for the worst, proud of the service it represents and symbolizes. (BANZ 02)

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