Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Unit Seal

PENTAGON – denotes that the unit is an organic of LAD, PA
ARMOR INSIGNIA - denotes that the unit belongs to the armor family, tasked-organized as a mechanized unit, hence the word “MECHANIZED: at the sash.
CENTRAL DISK – an abstract description of the front view of a cannon. Symbolizing firepower
FIGURE “1” – denotes the numerical designation of the unit.
BOLO – a traditional weapon carried by the Filipino soldiers during the Philippine Revolution. It is a fitting symbol of pride and gallantry among our forefathers. It is also a symbolism for the unit:s role as a combat unit in the anti-dissidence campaign. The bolo uis placed along the blue and red field of the seal to symbolize the unit’s important role be it during peace or time of war.
GRAY – the official color of LAD, PA.
YELLOW – the universal color for armored and cavalry units, to includes the early Cavalry Squadron of the Revolution. The yellow color also symbolizes royalty and nobility, typical characteristics of the early mounted warriors in history.
BLUE – like the Philippine flag, blue denotes peace and serenity, the ultimate objective of every soldier’s sacrifice as he performs his mission.
RED – it stands for valor, a value always embedded in the heart of every cavalryman.
“LAKAN” – the ancient Filipino nobility’s equivalent for the royal title of “PRINCE”. The armor is fondly called “the Prince of Battle” of the Philippine Army.
SASH – symbolizes royalty, as only the elite units of early armies have the privilege to wear sash in their uniforms. The sash is consistent with the title of “LAKAN”

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